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Lolita Vs. Lolita II Review And Swatches

here we are with the second most requested post… drumroll please… lolita vs. lolita II. *cheers* i’m kidding. but seriously, i’m back again with another review and comparison, complete with swatches, of the kat von d everlasting liquid lipsticks in lolita and lolita II.
now, let’s get one thing straight…
the lolita that i have here to compare to lolita II  is not the original colour that everyone claims is the holy grail of lolitas (so many lolitas). i’m under the impression that the original colour is different than the current colour so i apologize for not being able to compare that one for you. i purchased mine with lolita II so that would make it the 3rd formulation, or the one you can purchase on the shelf right this second.

so let’s talk about the formula because it’s going to be the same formula in both bottles as they are the same liquid lipstick, just different colours. from the moment the product hits your lips you can really tell how smooth and creamy the formula really is. it is very pigmented and the colour sets matte on your lips. the everlasting liquid lipstick is supposed to last 24 hours and be ultra comfortable to wear. now, i didn’t test it out for that long but i did test it for at least 8 hours. the claim is that you can eat, drink, and basically do anything and everything while wearing this lippie and you will be shocked to see it still on your lips when you look in the mirror.
i immediately loved the feel of applying it. it was very smooth and creamy, like it is supposed to be and once it dries it does not tighten on your lips at all. my lips are fairly dry, and this was the best formula for moisture that i have ever tried. i never felt uncomfortable wearing these lippies.
the 24 hour wearing power is another story. i noticed a tiny bit of flaking after a few hours of wear but i mean tiny, like one or two flakes. NO BIGGIE. at this point i usually use my finger to apply a small amount of lip balm, just to keep my lips from drying out (not due to the product, due to my skin being extra dry in the winter). Eating and drinking did cause some more flaking and most of the colour on the inner side of my lips did come off, so i would have to disagree with the ‘do whatever you want in this lippie’ thing. BUT, like i said in my previous post (click here), i don’t eat like a kardashian. i would rather be comfortable eating and have to re-apply some lipstick after, than constantly worrying about my lipstick coming off. CONFESSION… i like food more than makeup, OMG STOP ME. even though i had to re-apply some lipstick after eating, i was not upset at all about it because it feels so natural and comfortable on the lips. i’d apply 100 layers if that wasn’t wasting it.

the colours of lolita and lolita II are very different. so different that you will definitely like one more than you like the other, unless you’re absolutely head over heels so in love with both that you just can’t decide, and in that case, this post must be like heaven for you. here’s the swatches of the two lippies. lolitaandlolita2
lolita is described as a chestnut rose.
this is the cult favourite. i really like this colour for everyday. lolita will compliment so many skin tones and will compliment so many different makeup looks. it is more of a pinky/rose in my opinion than chestnut but the colours wear differently on everyone. lolita is absolutely beautiful and if you’re looking for that ‘always going to reach for it’ colour, i would definitely pick this one.
lolita II is described as a terra cotta nude.
i absolutely adore this colour. i am always leaning towards colours that are less pink. i find it very difficult to find a pink shade to compliment my skin tone. i initially thought this colour would only compliment tan skin tones until i put it on. i L-O-V-E it and i’m fairly light in skin colour. i do not feel like this colour is too orange either. it is a soft orange or a muted orange. so if you are afraid this is going to be like a pumpkin on your lips, have no fear and hit place order.
if i had to rate the kat von d everlasting liquid lipsticks out of 10, i would confidently give it a 10. i cannot complain about anything. i barely notice flaking, and the wear is something that doesn’t bother me because it happens with eating. these are SO SO SO comfortable to wear, i want them all, every single colour. colourpop ultra mattes and the kylie lip kits have NOTHING on kat von d’s everlasting liquid lipsticks. buy these, seriously. go buy them now.

the kat von d everlasting liquid lipsticks are $24 CAD and can be purchased at sephora or, here.
if you live in the US you can also buy them straight from the kat von d beauty website, here.
they also have a promo on the kat von d beauty site where you can get a free mini studded kiss lipstick in ‘lovecraft’ with a $75 purchase.

so which lolita is your favourite? let me know in the comments below.
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until next time…

ps. i think i’m going to start posting every tuesday from now on.
how do you feel about that idea?

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