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Beauty Blogger Award Tag

hey all. i was tagged by VanessaVictoria (thanks girl) to complete the beauty blogger award tag. this is my first tag, and i could not be more excited to post it.

first, i just want to say a quick thank you to all my viewers. concealandcontour has been getting lots of love lately and i could not be more grateful and excited that you’re enjoying yourself here. i’ve been interacting with a bunch of you and that makes me so happy. i love connecting with you all, and i hope that continues in the future. thank you so much.before we jump in, don’t forget to follow, like, and comment. also, i’ll leave all the places you can connect with me via social media at the end of this post. let’s get into it.

the rules:
1. tag the blogger that nominated you
2. answer all the questions you were given
3. nominate 10 bloggers whose blog is about beauty/fashion/lifestyle
4. name 10 questions for your nominees to answer
5. inform the bloggers you chose that you have nominated them
6. use ‘beautybloggeraward’ in your tags to connect us all together (i added this rule)

my questions to answer:
1. what is your favourite makeup brand?
kat von d. for sure.

2. what is your favourite skincare product?
under-eye cream. have to keep those wrinkles away.

3. if stuck on an island and could only bring 3 beauty products, what would they be?
moisturizer, concealer, and a brow pencil. unless, deodorant counts as a beauty product… then definitely moisturizer, concealer, and deodorant.

4. what is your favourite makeup store or website? FOR SURE.

5. who is your favourite beauty blogger?
nikkietutorials. i’m always keeping up with her. check her blog out… click here.

6. what is one product you would recommend to anyone, your holy grail?
kat von d’s shade and light contour palette. check it out, here.

7. what tips would you give to new beauty bloggers?
advertise, advertise, advertise. use all your social media platforms to post about your blog. our viewers are who we post for.
stay true to you. be yourself. act like you’re chatting with your friends when you post. be genuine. there is no need to be someone you’re not. that spunk you add to your posts, is what makes your blog unique.

8. any favourite books you’d recommend?
boy, snow, bird by helen oyeyemi.
the children act by ian mcewan.
thirteen reasons why by jay asher. (young-adult novel)

9. what is your favourite foundation?
i’m still trying to figure that one out… i’m picky.

10. what do you like most about beauty blogging?
sharing my tips and interacting with people who love the same things i do.

bloggers i tag:

questions for YOU to answer:
1. what’s your favourite makeup brand
2. what’s your favourite makeup/skincare product?
3. what beauty product can you not live without?
4. do you have a favourite makeup look?
5. where do you shop the most for your beauty products?
6. what is your skin type?
7. who/what is your inspiration?
8. what is your favourite thing about yourself?
9. what made you start your beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog?
10. what do you like most about blogging?

this was such a fun experience and i look forward to participating in more tags!
i hope you enjoyed the read, and until next time…

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