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Morphe 35O Matte And Shimmer Palettes – Swatches And Mini Review

so i’m sure you have already heard of the infamous morphe 35O palette (if not that’s ok), but did you know that they broke the palette down and made 2 35O palettes? NO? WELL WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? morphe now has a 35O all matte palette (35Om), and a 35O all shimmer palette (35Os). if you’re asking yourself if this is real life… it is.for the people questioning whether or not they are worth the money, let me start by telling you that they ARE. there are 35 shadows in each palette, and the shadows are highly pigmented and soft. each palette is $22.99 USD, or if you purchase them together, you can get them for $43.99 USD. broken down… that’s roughly .65¢ per shadow. WTF THAT’S A STEAL!

if you’re already convinced that you NEED these palettes you can purchase them off the morphe website here. now let’s get to the swatches already!
we’ll start with the matte palette, then the shimmer. since the shadows don’t have names i have them swatched row per row, from the left to the right.Morphe 35OM (Matte) Palette. More info on my blog!Morphe 35OM (Matte) Palette. More info on my blog!Morphe 35OS (Shimmer) Palette. Full swatches on my beauty blog.Morphe 35OS (Shimmer) Palette. More info on my blog.
as for the pigmentation and shadow quality. i have tagged the shadows with some fallout (or potential fallout) with a heart, and the shadows with lower pigmentation with a star. again, matte first, shimmer second.
Morphe 35OM (Matte) Palette. More info on my blog.Morphe 35OS (Shimmer) Palette. More info on my blog.
obviously, the shadows with high shimmer will have the potential for more fallout. but trust me, the shadows are beautiful regardless. in the matte palette the first shadow with a star (the red one) is very very low pigmentation. i probably won’t be picking that one up ever, but i seriously don’t even care. these palettes are absolutely stunning and so very affordable. if i had to rate them out of 10, i would give them both a 9.5 all around. if you’re questioning whether they are worth it, they are.


what are your thoughts on the palettes? let me know in the comments below.
until next time…

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17 thoughts on “Morphe 35O Matte And Shimmer Palettes – Swatches And Mini Review

  1. Zoey Salton says:

    Do these palettes contain the shades from the original 35O palette? Or do I need to buy all three? Lol Sooo pretty!!


    • They contain some of the shades from the 35O palette… if you buy the 2 palettes (matte & shimmer), you’re getting the 35O palette within them.


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