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Listen Up Everybody…

what possesses someone to comment negative things on people’s social media pages, blogs, or youtube accounts? what is the point? i have been seeing so many pointless negative comments on people’s pages and it’s really starting to piss me off, so i thought i would write a post about how these comments can make me feel (and i’m sure many people feel the same way) and maybe shed some light on the people that post them.
i have received, let’s call them hate messages, on my blog before and i personally don’t care what other people have to say. this blog is a place for ME to express MYSELF via something that i love. i don’t care if you like it or not. i do not consider myself a professional, nor do i think i am the best. what i can say is that i love makeup and skincare, so why not use a blog platform to share my likes and dislikes to an open world. if people want to interact with me with questions, positive comments, or just to chat, i am here with open arms… but if you think because you read my blog (or a page on my blog), that gives you some right to comment dumbass negative shit on my blog… you are sadly mistaken. why is it that people think because it’s a “free world” and there’s such thing as “freedom of speech” that they can come around and talk down to you or something you do without backlash? and what about the constructive criticism argument… that one is a complete joke. “this is the dumbest thing ever” is not constructive criticism… like please you may be stupid be WE AREN’T.

IF YOU DO NOT LIKE MY BLOG, THERE IS AN EXIT BUTTON IN THE TOP LEFT OR RIGHT CORNER OF YOUR SCREEN, AND YOU WILL MAGICALLY BE TAKEN OFF THE PAGE FREE OF CHARGE. no one has forced you to type in my blog link, no one forced you to read through 1000 word blog posts, no one put a gun to your head and said “read this and like it”, so you have no one to blame but yourself for being salty. you think i post this stuff on my blog so you can like it? nope. you think i spend time writing and designing headers for YOU? hahahahaha NO. i do it because it is something i enjoy, it makes me happy, and there is no way in HELL you are going to come on my blog and comment some stupid comment and have me cry about it. please… just like you have the exit button, i have the delete button and I CONTROL everything posted on this site.

i LOVE when people love my posts. i APPRECIATE everyone that takes the time to read my blog posts and likes it, comments, and interacts with me in a positive way. but i would still be here posting if no one read a single post, because i do it for me and not for anyone else. all this applies to every single person on the internet expressing themselves and putting themselves out there to a world full of people. no one is forcing you to like it, and no one is forcing you to comment negative things, THAT’S ALL ON YOU. do not comment on ANYONE’S page things like “this sucks”, “you know nothing”, “you’re ugly”, “*insert other blog name here*’s page is better”. NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK.
but you want to know what people think when they read those things?
some people BELIEVE what you say… you have now degraded someone and kicked their self-esteem in the ass because YOU ARE TOO UNSATISFIED WITH YOUR LIFE TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. what you are is a CYBERBULLY. just because you aren’t happy with yourself or your life, DOES NOT give you the right to bring someone else down with you. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

if you’re like me… you just sit there and laugh at the comments and think of how crappy that person’s life must be, if they are commenting some useless shit on your page about how they don’t like your stuff, and don’t like you. like guys, imagine them… they’re probably sitting there in their little room on their phone, tablet, or computer, scrolling through your page just looking for something to trigger their insecurities, and then commenting because they wish they were just like you but they aren’t.

i don’t want to go on forever and ever… and believe me i could… but seriously if you are someone who likes to comment negative/hurtful things on people’s pages, you honestly need to work on yourself and realize that NO ONE IS ASKING FOR YOUR OPINION, SO UNLESS YOU ARE ASKED, DO NOT GIVE UNLESS POSITIVE. and for the people receiving the hate messages, delete them immediately/block the person sending them, no one needs that negativity in their life. especially when all you are doing is expressing yourself. do not let them get to you (easier said than done, i know…) and do not reply. all they are looking for is a rebuttal… don’t let them have what they want. keep being positive, and keep being yourself, no one can bring you down if you know who you truly are. everyone is different, no one is perfect… but everyone is when they are being true to themselves.

i am always here to talk if ANYONE needs help, has questions, or just wants to chat. believe me i’ve been hated on in the past, and i am here to tell you, you will be stronger as you grow as a person, and get older. DO NOT HESITATE to contact me for ANYTHING you want to talk about.
until next time…

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