My Colourpop Collection WITH SWATCHES.
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My Complete Colourpop Collection – With Swatches

colourpop cosmetics has to be one of the most affordable brands out there and let me tell you… you will feel like you are stealing from them because their products are to die for. the best bang for your buck out there, trust me (no pun intended – my colourpop lovers will get it). their prices for individual items range between $5 USD to $8 USD. that’s for lip colours (all formulas), brow products, eyeshadows, bronzers, blushes, highlighters, etc. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? i mean really, if you haven’t tried their products, you MUST. i thought i would share my collection with you so you’ll have an idea of what colourpop is all about, and what kind of different products they have.
now, i don’t have every single product they sell, but what i do have will give you a good idea of the quality and what they are all about. all colourpop products are cruelty-free and most are vegan. for a full list of the products that are not vegan, please visit the colourpop faq page, here. with each swatch i will write a mini-review of the product itself, not each shade because honestly, this blog post would be 10,000 words long. so instead of me writing until my fingers cramp, let’s get to the swatches.

Colourpop Creme Gel Linersthese are the crème gel pencil eyeliners. swerve is a black, stomper – a chocolate brown, and maybe – a vibrant green. these liners are amazing. point blank. creamy, pigmented, long-wearing. they sit on the waterline well and don’t budge. my eyes water when i wear anything on my waterlines and i do get some transfer with the black, but i don’t like waterproof liners, so i just deal with it. and for my contact wearers… they don’t transfer.

Colourpop Matte Shadows Colourpop Matte Shadow Potsthese are some colourpop matte shadows. matte shadows are my absolute favourite. i love throwing them all over the lid and crease and just being done. easy. of course, all mine are neutral colours… because i’m boring. but come on, how beautiful are they? the texture of the shadows are creamy. they are not cream shadows but in the pot, they feel almost like mousse. the lighter shades could be more pigmented in my opinion but the darker ones are beautiful. to apply, fingers work best, but if you want to use a brush, i recommend something dense and synthetic.


Colourpop Shimmer Shadows Colourpop Shimmer Shadow Potsthese are some colourpop shimmer shadows. how stunning are these? again, they are the same texture as the matte shadows and they apply best with your fingers. i spiced it up a little here with some reds, and even a green. like how i say spice it up, when nothing in this colour palette is really that spicy. stereo is beautiful, it is a beautiful red/plum with gold/red shimmer. simply gorgeous. i forgot to mention in the matte section, the wear. i don’t find that the mattes stay put all day but they are long-wearing. the shimmers on the other hand, stay on my lids all day long. i could probably sleep in them (even though i wouldn’t), and they would still be there when i woke up. love them.

Colourpop Highlighters Colourpop Highlighter Potshere are some colourpop highlighters. the highlighters are probably my favourite colourpop products. they are pigmented, and last all day. i apply them with my finger, and they are intense. the highlighters are the same texture as the shadows – very creamy. my apologies flexitarian came broken in the pot, and i haven’t fixed it yet. if any of your pots do break, you can simply put a tissue over the pot, and use something with a flat surface to push the product back in place.

Colourpop Blush SwatchColourpop Blush Potthis is the one and only blush i have from colourpop. it is a beautiful peachy mauve. the blush feels more powdery to me than the other pots, but nevertheless it is gorgeous. again, it is best applied with you finger. i like to apply the product with my finger, and use a blush brush to aid in blending.

Colourpop Ultra Mattes Fall EditColourpop Ultra Mattes here are some ultra matte liquid lipsticks. these colours are amazing, and the colour selection on the site is vast. the 4 on the left are part of the 2016 fall edit collection. and the 3 on the right are permanent shades. beeper and limbo were classified as dupes for the lip kits made by kylie jenner. for my post on the kits and the dupe beeper, click here. the formula glides on easily, and they are very pigmented. the lasting power is great, however they do tend to flake. so please make sure your lips are nice and moisturized before and free from dead skin. you can also apply a lip balm before applying these and that will help with the flaking. i don’t really care about the flaking as they are so affordable and beautiful, i don’t mind re-applying here and there.

Colourpop Ultra Satinsthese are ultra satin liquid lipsticks. the ultra satin lipsticks are the most beautiful formula ever. i’m obsessed. of course, the 3 colours i have are neutrals, but let’s not talk about that. alyssa is part of kathleenlights’ new collection and it is beautiful. highly recommend this one. the ultra satins are very soft, pigmented, and apply very easily. because they are not matte, they will transfer, so buyer beware. however, they are not glossy. as you can see by the swatches, they have almost a shiny finish. obviously… like satin. if you want to try out a lip product from colourpop but don’t know which one, try out this formula.

Colourpop Ultra Glossy

of course, who can forget about the glosses. these are beautiful. i love them so much. the texture is sticky but not too sticky. i know, that tells you a lot right, but you get what i’m saying. my jam is gorgeous. it is a metallic gloss. yes, i said it, metallic. it is sheer, obviously, because it’s a gloss, but the colour payoff is fabulous. the only one here that i find to be a tad patchy is lychee me. lychee me is part of karrueche tran’s collection. it is a brown/nude, and is a beautiful colour, but it does swatch patchy as you can see to your left. what i like about these glosses is that when you apply them to the lip, they have colour payoff. what i mean is, a lot of glosses i have tried with lighter pigment does not show on the lip – these do. the pink is pink, the brown is brown, and it shows that way.  and are you surprised they are all neutral. however, i like to think because my jam is metallic and bestie is bright that i mixed it up and tried some new things. you guys know how it is, you’re always attracted to the same shades.


Colourpop Lippie Stixthe lippie stix are one of the most popular colourpop items. i’ve been hearing about the lippie stix forever. these are what made me interested in colourpop, and how strange to know that my first order from colourpop did not contain a single lippie stix. anyways… these are the creamiest lipsticks EVER, i swear. i’m not a “regular” lipstick wearer. you know, the ones in the tube. don’t like them. but these, these are so creamy and luxurious, how could you not like them. she bad and cookie look very similar in colour, but i will tell you, she bad is cooler than cookie. i find cookie to be darker (even though it doesn’t necessarily swatch that way), but warmer than she bad. i can see more peach in cookie. trust me (from that pun in the first paragraph) is to die for. like look at it… need i say more? my 1 problem with these are their packaging, since it’s such a creamy product, and it is packaged like what looks like a retractable crayon, the product breaks at the bottom and falls out the top. not cute, so just be careful or you may get lipstick everywhere.

Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lipthese… are… i’m at a loss for words. how gorgeous are these? these are the ultra metallic liquid lipsticks. and by ultra metallic, they mean ultra metallic. i am super in to this trend. these apply luxuriously. and they look like a million bucks on. my only complaint is that it sticks to itself. so when you apply it, don’t smack your lips together, or rub them together. it will stick and peal off your lip, not cute. so basically what i’m saying is don’t talk. no i’m kidding, just be careful with these. but obviously i don’t care because again… affordable and beautiful.

that’s my whole collection… hopefully you enjoyed the read and the swatches. if you’re interested in purchasing any of the products head on over to the colourpop website, here. they are cruelty-free, most products are vegan, and they are affordable. they are a little slow to ship, but the amount of orders they get is insane, so i like to cut them some slack. their packaging is cute, so i can’t wait for you guys to place your orders and see.

let me know in the comments below what you want to add to your makeup collection from colourpop! as always, i’m here with open arms. don’t forget… positivity please. until next time…

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