RIDE OR DIE MAKEUP TAG - All of my all-time favourite makeup products!
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Ride or Die Makeup Tag

if you saw my post on facebook (click here) and guessed it was the ride or die tag, you were right. i could not be more excited to post this! i’m the type of person that always grabs at my favourite products when doing my makeup. i always try to switch it up but when i’m sitting in the chair reaching for a product my mind and hands always reach for the same things. so here i am to share my all time favourite makeup products with you.
this tag was initially started by the beautiful and talented jaclyn hill (check out her youtube channel here). i customized the tag by adding other categories, and removing makeup categories that i don’t use often. i took the majority of the photos on my own, so please don’t judge. a few are from the internet though (i know, kill me) because i couldn’t get enough detail in the photo or it just didn’t show it’s true colour. but that’s enough chatter, let’s get into it already because it’s going to be a long one.

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face PrimerPRIMER:
too faced – hangover replenishing face primer
$40 CAD – purchase here

this is THE BEST primer for dry skin. i don’t know what i was doing before i was using this. it smooths and brightens the skin, while leaving a dewy finish. it does absorb like a primer so don’t think it will be slick, but it is so hydrating it is like a drink of water for your skin. it has coconut water in it which is very nourishing for the skin, and it smells amazing.
here’s a tip: if you have dry skin but an oily nose, make sure you are using a different primer than the rest of your skin. use an oil control primer, or your favourite tacky primer.


MUFE Face and Body Foundation - Ride or Die Makeup TagFOUNDATION:
make up for ever – face and body foundation
new name: water blend face and body foundation (shade Y225)
$54 CAD – purchase here

i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this foundation. it is a water based foundation, so it glides on the skin beautifully and it is a natural/dewy finish. it is a sheer to a buildable medium coverage. i used to be obsessed with full coverage foundations but not anymore. this is flawless and light-weight. it won’t cover intense redness so if that is a concern for you and you want to try this product you will need to conceal as well. i apply this with a dense foundation brush. the only complaint i have is that it doesn’t smell all that great but i don’t notice it once all my makeup is on.

Maybelline Better Skin Concealer + Corrector - Ride or Die Makeup Tag
maybelline – better skin concealer and corrector (ivory + light/medium)
$9 to $11 CAD – purchase here

these are beautiful concealers. they hide all my skin imperfections easily without looking cakey. i love to use the ivory shade to conceal and highlight under the eye. the formula is so smooth and creamy, and applies beautifully with a concealer brush or damp beauty blender. since i have dry skin, this concealer doesn’t accentuate that. it is more on the wet side so if you are looking for something thicker, this is not for you. i can’t say enough about this concealer, it is fabulous and from the drugstore. amazing.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - Ride or Die Makeup TagBROW PRODUCT:
anastasia beverly hills – dipbrow pomade (shade taupe)
$23 CAD – purchase here

this product makes doing your brows so damn easy i can’t believe i just started using this a little over a month ago. it is a waterproof pomade that you use to fill in your brows. it’s extremely creamy and creates the most defined brows. you can apply it with a lighter hand for a more natural look or a heavier hand for a more intense brow. i love how fast i can do my brows with this product. i have heard that this product does dry out, however i’m assuming that the same goes for pots of gel liner, that you could add a drop of baby oil and mix it up again. this is my go-to now for my brows.

Black Pencil and Pen Liner - Ride or Die Makeup TagPENICL LINER:
l’oreal – infallible silkissime eyeliner (black)
$9 to $12 CAD – purchase here
kat von d – tattoo liner (trooper)
$25 CAD – purchase here

there’s not too much to say about liners but i’ll give you the gist. the pencil liner is extremely creamy and applies effortlessly with no dragging on the skin. it is the blackest pencil i have found. the pen makes winged liner easy peasy. easy to control, and again, no dragging on the skin. it is very pigmented, and doesn’t patch up. both of these are A+ in my books.

L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara - Ride or Die Makeup TagMASCARA:
l’oreal – voluminous carbon black mascara
$7 – $11 CAD – purchase here

this mascara is amazing for drugstore. well actually, a lot of drugstore mascaras are great but this one takes the cake for me. it is very black which is key, and it’s wet enough to actually apply a decent amount of product with one coat. i hate watery mascaras that apply the smallest layer of product with one coat, and i hate mascaras that are on the dryer side and apply clumpy. this is the happy medium. wears beautifully, no flaking or running, and it comes in a waterproof formula too if that’s what you’re in to.

Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Eyeshadow Palette - Ride or Die Makeup TagEYESHADOW PALETTE:
tarte – tartelette in bloom eyeshadow palette
$54 CAD – purchase here

this palette is the bomb.com and it smells amazing. it has a mix of matte and shimmer shadows which is great for someone looking for only 1 palette for it all. it also is versatile in terms of looks. you could easily accomplish great day looks with this palette, as well as beautiful night looks. there is such a good array of shades, from light to dark, that anything is possible. i’m in love with it. its pigmentation is fabulous and its wear power is great. this is the palette i take with me travelling because it’s so easy to create multiple looks with. definitely recommend this one.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder - Ride or Die Makeup TagUNDER EYE SETTING POWDER:
laura mercier – secret brightening powder
$30 CAD – purchase here

this powder was sent by the heavens above. seriously, you will not find a better under eye setting powder than this right here. it is so finely milled which makes it super soft. it applies effortlessly and makes your under eye look as smooth as a baby’s bottom. it has light-reflecting pigments in it to help brighten the under eye area. i’m not in to baking the under eye but i want a powder that will set my concealer really well and this is it. i use a generous amount on a fluffy brush and tap it on the areas prone to creasing and then sweep the excess over the rest of the under eye. simply amazing.

Too Faced Primed and Poreless Pressed Powder - Ride or Die Makeup TagFACE POWDER:
too faced – primed and poreless pressed powder
$38 CAD – purchase here

since i have dry skin and peach fuzz, i don’t always set my foundation… all powders tend to look heavy on my dry skin and it always sticks to my peach fuzz. i just don’t like how my skin looks with it sometimes. but if i’m having a bad skin day, or my makeup just doesn’t look as perfect as i would like it to, i lightly dust this powder all over. it’s an instant transformation. seriously. it hides all your pores like nothing. i don’t know how but it does. you will notice an instant difference when you put this on. it’s not heavy either so don’t worry about making your makeup look cakey with this, it won’t do that. it makes it look airbrushed.

Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer - Ride or Die Makeup TagBRONZER:
too faced – sweethearts bronzer (sweet tea)
$38 CAD – purchase here

this is the bronzer i like to use when i’m going for a more all over warm glow. it doesn’t look warm in the pan but it applies warm to my skin. i was using it over my contour and to bronze around my hairline when i was doing full faces and i just didn’t like it as much. when i’m going for a more natural glow, that’s when i will pick up this product. it is perfect for that.

Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette - Ride or Die Makeup TagCONTOUR:
kat von d – shade and light contour palette
$55 CAD – purchase here

this has got to be one of my all-time favourite purchases EVER. this palette is amazingly beautiful. i use the shade on the bottom, furthest to the left, as my skin tone is very light. it is the PERFECT shade for me. not too cool to look muddy but not too warm to look orange. the top 2 shades from the left are beautiful to intensify a highlight, however my ride or die in this palette is the contour shade.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit - Ride or Die Makeup TagHIGHLIGHTER:
anastasia beverly hills – glow kit (that glow)
$52 CAD – purchase here

i am obsessed with this glow kit. specifically the 2 shades on the left, bubbly and sunburst. sunburst is a bright gold, and bubbly is a rose champagne colour. both are beautiful separate and mixed together. the other 2 shades in the palette are a little dark for my skin tone. i find using those leaves colour on my skin instead of just the highlight effect. if you know what i mean. i use the other 2 as blush toppers and they are gorgeous. they are pigmented and even with the smallest amount you will slay your highlight.

Colourpop Blush Between the Sheets - Ride or Die Makeup TagBLUSH:
colourpop – between the sheets
$8 USD – purchase here

this blush is a beautiful beige pink. i talked about this product in my last post about colourpop (read it here), so i won’t go on forever. i’ll just say it’s beautiful and applies great with your finger OR a brush.

Kat Von D Bow and Arrow Liquid Lipstick - Ride or Die Makeup Tag
kat von d – bow and arrow
$24 CAD – purchase here

i have an entire post on the kat von d liquid lipsticks in the shades lolita and lolita II (read it here), so again i’m not going to tell you a whole lot about this product. in my previous post i describe the formula and wear in more detail, but obviously if it’s on my ride or die list, you know it’s good. bow and arrow is a nude shade. it goes with absolutely every look you want to do, and that’s why i love it.


Maybelline Shine Shot Gloss - Ride or Die Makeup TagGLOSS:
maybelline – shine shot clear gloss
$9 – $12 – purchase here

i love this. you’ve probably heard mixed reviews about it but i adore it. people say it tends to bleed or melt off, but i haven’t had that problem. it is so glossy and it’s not too sticky to where you can’t touch your lips together. it is the perfect topper to a matte liquid lip or any lip colour you want to add an intense gloss to but don’t want to change the colour. i also love to wear this alone on a no-makeup day. it just adds that little something to your lips. highly recommend this one.

KoKo Lashes in Goddess - Ride or Die Makeup TagLASHES:
koko lashes – goddess
$7 USD – purchase here

these are bomb. i mean look at them. gorgeous. they are intense and big, so if you are looking for a natural look, these are not for you. but if you are looking for a statement lash that is girly and fun, buy these. they are cheap, and beautiful. they have a thicker band as they are a heavier lash but i don’t notice it that much. i’m obsessed with them. truly obsessed.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray - Ride or Die Makeup Tag
urban decay – all nighter makeup setting spray
$17 CAD (1 oz.) $38 CAD (4 oz.) – purchase here

urban decay has the best setting sprays… i love them all, but this one takes the cake. what i like about this one is just like it says on the bottle, it will make your makeup last all night. it is an intense setting spray and when i know it’s going to be hot, or my makeup might get a little weak, i bathe in this. not literally, obviously. it’s also nice to spray on your face for a refreshing feel.


Lady Gaga Fame Perfume - Ride or Die Makeup TagPERFUME:
lady gaga – fame
$35 CAD (100ml) – purchase here

now i know this isn’t a makeup product but jaclyn hill had this category so i will too. this is my all-time favourite (i have 2 bottles in line once my current one is done). i think it smells floral but also sweet like honey. it doesn’t look like it would smell that way by the colour of it, but it’s just beautiful. it’s in the middle of light and strong and don’t worry… it won’t spray black.

that brings us to the end of the ride or die tag. i hope you enjoyed the read. let me know in the comments below what products you want to try and which products are your ride or die. remember to be positive.

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