The ULTIMATE Reading Challenge

happy 2017 conceal and contour followers and newcomers. i’m going to keep this short and sweet. i found this post on pinterest (follow me), and couldn’t resist sharing it with you. it is a reading challenge… as you could probably tell by the title. the original post (see here) is a 2017 reading challenge, and features 52 books – which works out to 1 book a week. now i don’t know about you but i definitely cannot read 1 book a week… so i thought i would simply challenge myself to completing the list, no matter how long it takes me. join me on the journey? 
here is the ULTIMATE reading challenge list.

a book you read in school
a book from your childhood
a book published over 100 years ago
a book published in the last year
a non-fiction book
a book written by a male author
a book written by a female author
a book by someone who isn’t a writer
a book that became/is becoming a film
a book published in the 20th century
a book set in your hometown/region
a book with a name in the title
a book with a number in the title
a book based on a true story
a book someone else recommended
a book with over 500 pages
a book you can finish in a day
a previously banned book
a book with a one-word title
a book translated from another language
a personal growth book
a memoir or journal
a book by someone younger than you
a book set somewhere you’ll visit this year
an award-winning book
a book you were supposed to read in school but haven’t yet
a book with a character with your first name
a book with a place in the title
a book set in the future
a play
a scary book
a funny book
a book of short stories
a trilogy or series
a bestseller
a book you own but haven’t read yet
a book about philosophy
an epic poem
a victorian novel
a book of poetry
a book with a colour in the title
a book with an appealing cover – COMPLETE (Strong Looks Better Naked – Khloé Kardashian) because let’s be honest, Khloé is hot.
a book about psychology
a book about science
a graphic novel
a self-published book
a book based on a true story
a famous author’s first novel
a book of non-fiction essays
a book by an author you haven’t read before
a book set in a country you’ve never been to
a book set in the place you live today

now you could totally chose 26 books from this list and do 1 book every 2 weeks, but i don’t want to (haha). i want to leisurely work my way through this list simply because i love the idea of expanding my reading list. whatever you want to do is what you should do.

i will keep this updated as i go along, so make sure you keep checking back!

i’d LOVE to hear if you’re planning on taking part in this challenge. also, any recommendations for any categories here… send them my way. hit me in the comments, or on any social media.

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