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What’d You Use? – Volume II

welcome to the second instalment of what’d you use. all the products i used to create this look are listed below with stores and websites where you can purchase each item.
my apologies for the poor quality in photos, i tried a new foundation and did not like it (stay tuned…), so i covered it with my MUFE and i think it created a white cast which did not photograph as well as my usual looks do. but anyways, on to the product list. Continue reading

What'd you use? - A complete list of products used to create this look.
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What’d You Use? – Volume I

i always get asked what products i use to create looks, so to make things easier i thought i would create a series called what’d you use so i can share all the products i used with you! i will list the prices and i will link the website (if available) where you can purchase the products used as well, and if not i will let you know which stores should carry them.

this is the look i wore to kanye west’s saint pablo tour when he blessed winnipeg. i wanted to use reds as a lot of the merch had red accents, and the show’s lighting consisted of warm tones and reds. Continue reading

Let's Talk About Sunscreen. What you NEED to know about sunscreen.
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Let’s Talk About… Sunscreen

i’m sure you all know that sunscreen is extremely important, but how many of you actually know how to accurately apply sunscreen? how many of you know what those hard to pronounce ingredients on the back of the bottle actually are? in all honesty, before researching for this post, i didn’t know anything about sunscreen. i barely even use sunscreen, even at the beach. I KNOW I’M HORRIBLE. but as i’m getting older, i’m starting to care more about things like this. i can tell you, i’m going to be wearing sunscreen more often after gaining much knowledge about it, and i hope that you do too after reading this post. Continue reading

All about acne. Where it's coming from and how to fix it. Check it out.
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Let’s Talk About… Acne

hello hello hello. it’s time to talk about that one topic that pisses us all off the most… ACNE! we all hate it, but we all have it (or have had it at some point of our lives). whether it’s one measly pimple now and then, or a constant problem… acne is a big part of our beauty lives. i was lucky enough to not have a major acne problem, but i do breakout, and i do have some skin issues. but whether you have troubled skin or a problem pimple… this post will help you. we’re going to talk about where acne comes from, and what you can do to help keep it at bay, or even rid of it permanently. let’s get into it.  Continue reading

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The Best of… Lush

welcome to the start of my first series! i’m naming this series The Best Of… and it will consist of – you guessed it – the best products of brands, stores, and specific products.
i’ve decided to start with lush as i haven’t mentioned skincare on concealandcontour very much yet, and lush embodies skincare. if you haven’t heard of lush,  Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide For Beauty Lovers

welcome back you lovely people. like i mentioned in my previous post this was supposed to be up sooner, and i apologize for that, but i think i had a pretty good excuse. i mean that gwen palette though… forgive me?
this post will contain some great gift ideas to help you on your gift giving journey this holiday season. i know it can be hard to buy for someone that seems to have everything, but i guarantee any beauty lover will LOVE to receive these items as gifts.  Continue reading