RIDE OR DIE MAKEUP TAG - All of my all-time favourite makeup products!
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Ride or Die Makeup Tag

if you saw my post on facebook (click here) and guessed it was the ride or die tag, you were right. i could not be more excited to post this! i’m the type of person that always grabs at my favourite products when doing my makeup. i always try to switch it up but when i’m sitting in the chair reaching for a product my mind and hands always reach for the same things. so here i am to share my all time favourite makeup products with you. Continue reading

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Beauty Blogger Award Tag

hey all. i was tagged by VanessaVictoria (thanks girl) to complete the beauty blogger award tag. this is my first tag, and i could not be more excited to post it.

first, i just want to say a quick thank you to all my viewers. concealandcontour has been getting lots of love lately and i could not be more grateful and excited that you’re enjoying yourself here. i’ve been interacting with a bunch of you and that makes me so happy. i love connecting with you all, and i hope that continues in the future. thank you so much. Continue reading