how old are you?

where are you from?
winnipeg, manitoba, canada

mua or mue?
mue (makeup enthusiast). i’m self-taught and have learnt what works best for me. i do not apply makeup on other people.

are you a professional?
absolutely not. nor do i know everything about makeup and skincare. i’m still learning too, just like everyone else.

can you recommend a makeup/skincare product for me?
absolutely! comment on a post, send an email, or contact me via social media. i’d be happy to try and help you out.

what’s your skin type?
combination/dry & sensitive.

what is your hair type?
slightly oily scalp and since my hair is bleached, i have slightly dry ends.

why don’t you post more?
i completely understand your question, but this is my hobby. i wish i had it in me to post once a week, but unfortunately i don’t. i hope you can understand.

can i ask you a question?
always, always, always. beauty or not, i’m here.