Let's Talk About Sunscreen. What you NEED to know about sunscreen.
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Let’s Talk About… Sunscreen

i’m sure you all know that sunscreen is extremely important, but how many of you actually know how to accurately apply sunscreen? how many of you know what those hard to pronounce ingredients on the back of the bottle actually are? in all honesty, before researching for this post, i didn’t know anything about sunscreen. i barely even use sunscreen, even at the beach. I KNOW I’M HORRIBLE. but as i’m getting older, i’m starting to care more about things like this. i can tell you, i’m going to be wearing sunscreen more often after gaining much knowledge about it, and i hope that you do too after reading this post. Continue reading

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Morphe 35O Matte And Shimmer Palettes – Swatches And Mini Review

so i’m sure you have already heard of the infamous morphe 35O palette (if not that’s ok), but did you know that they broke the palette down and made 2 35O palettes? NO? WELL WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? morphe now has a 35O all matte palette (35Om), and a 35O all shimmer palette (35Os). if you’re asking yourself if this is real life… it is. Continue reading

All about acne. Where it's coming from and how to fix it. Check it out.
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Let’s Talk About… Acne

hello hello hello. it’s time to talk about that one topic that pisses us all off the most… ACNE! we all hate it, but we all have it (or have had it at some point of our lives). whether it’s one measly pimple now and then, or a constant problem… acne is a big part of our beauty lives. i was lucky enough to not have a major acne problem, but i do breakout, and i do have some skin issues. but whether you have troubled skin or a problem pimple… this post will help you. we’re going to talk about where acne comes from, and what you can do to help keep it at bay, or even rid of it permanently. let’s get into it.  Continue reading

Tips and Tricks - Fixing Broken Powders
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Tips And Tricks: Fixing Broken Powders

damn lexi, back at it again with another blog post.
this is so not like me to upload 2 back-to-back blog posts but what the hell. why not?
i’m not even straying a little bit… and continuing with my tips and tricks series.

last post i taught you how to clean your false lashes, and this time i’m going to teach you how to fix your broken powders. i see so many people posting on social media how they broke their powders and now they have to throw them out, BUT WHY?!  Continue reading

Tips and Tricks to cleaning your false lashes.
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Tips And Tricks: Cleaning Your False Lashes

hello there. long time no see.
i can’t believe it’s been more than a month since i last posted on here. i’m slacking HARD, and i have no excuse other than being sick, tired, and working my butt off at my new job.
but enough about me… let’s get into the post already!

welcome to my second series… tips and tricks. tips and tricks will be post sharing… you guessed it… all of my tips and tricks and beauty hacks.
this first instalment is all about cleaning your false lashes. Continue reading

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The Best of… Lush

welcome to the start of my first series! i’m naming this series The Best Of… and it will consist of – you guessed it – the best products of brands, stores, and specific products.
i’ve decided to start with lush as i haven’t mentioned skincare on concealandcontour very much yet, and lush embodies skincare. if you haven’t heard of lush,  Continue reading

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Conceal And Correct With L.A. Girl Pro Conceal

hello hello hello and welcome back. i thought i would make a post all about concealer and corrector because lately it has been the only thing i’ve been doing as far as makeup. 2016 has been treating me VERY well so far (knock on wood) and i hope you all can say the same. but as far as me having time to get all dolled up… that is a negative. it’s been over 20 days since the new year and i have done a full face… are you ready… ONCE. yes, i said once. but most days i have had the time (a whole 5 minutes) to at least conceal and correct some discolouration on my skin, and that’s exactly what i’m going to show you how to do.  Continue reading